23 Jul / Blow Dry Tutorial: Kate Middleton High Style Blowout

We love Kate Middleton’s high style blowout. To style your hair like Kate Middleton, we recommend you first wet your hair, then prepare by rubbing a thickening lotion throughout. It will give your hair that extra grip when you brush through it, so you can create a smoother finish.

Step 1

Always work through the hair from the bottom layers up when blow drying your mane. You will find that pinning the top portion out of your way will help you to see what you’re doing.

Step 2

By using a medium size rounded brush, grab your hair at the roots and then run the brush down the strands, moving the blow dryer over the brush as you go. Be sure to point the nozzle down as this flattens the cuticle to prevent frizz, keeping your hair looking shiny. Repeat until your entire mane is dry.

Step 3

Mist on a thermal straightening spray.

Step 4

Now glide a flatiron over the strands. The straightening spray will be heat activated, so this will help smooth out any flyaways and seal in the silkiness. Stop a few inches short of the tips to give yourself a slightly tousled effect.

Step 5

Rake in a tiny drop of shine serum through ends with your fingers for that super glossy, movie-star finish to your hair.

Step 6

Do you want to extend the life of your blowout? Once your hair begins to get a little oily, be sure to spritz on some dry shampoo or to sprinkle a little baby powder, like Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder, onto your hands; gently massage this into your scalp to soak up the oil.

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