06 Oct / Get Blown Away! Why blowout bars are making huge waves in the beauty world

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Hair styling has been in fashion since the dawn of ancient civilizations, possibly longer. We see all sorts of styles that were popular from the Egyptian era to the 20’s boy cuts and more. Women today are no less interested in styling their hair than any of their predecessors. Styles have become much looser and more flowing , with many women keeping their hair long and lustrous well into their 60’s. Now, with the emergence of a new kind of hair styling shop, women have found that they have more choice than ever before regarding what they want done with their hair.
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The hair salon has been the place of hair beauty for women for decades. This is where you go for treatments, colors, style changes and blow drys. However, visits to hair salons are costly. At around $60 -75, the treatments offered at these salons are not something which most women can afford on a regular basis. Many women are opting to color their hair at home and only visit a hair salon when they need a cut. Many hair salons charge extra for a blow dry to style the hair, and this may last for a few days. But if you consider that women can only visit a hair salon between every  6-8 weeks, sometimes more, the styling is something that isn’t freely available. And blow drying your hair yourself can be incredibly difficult.
Enter the blowout bar. These ” bars ” as they are referred to started springing up around the US in about 2010. At the average cost of about $35 a woman can get her hair blown out i.e. styled. These bars offer a wash and blow dry service and are proving a huge hit in America. First, they are much more affordable than salons. If its styling you are after, you can’t get more appropriate than this. Moreover, the opening hours suit any woman’s lifestyle.
Most blowout bars open at 7am with some closing only at 9pm. Here, you get a ” menu ” with possible blow dry styles and you choose one. These bars service women who are going to work and want to look their best, gals who are going out at night and want a styled do, and stay-at-home mothers who just want to feel good about themselves. This experience is affordable and within reach of most women. Going to a traditional hair salon is becoming ever more costly. So whilst hair salons also offer a wash and blow service, the experience is just not the same, nor is it as affordable.
The blowout bar is an environment in which everything functions rapidly. The aim is to get the customer in and out within about 35 minutes. But the customer experience is reportedly much better. Women are offered a drink such as champagne, or a mimosa.
The ability to choose the kind of style you want is also deemed to be an advantage. Many women visit these bars about 2 – 3 times a week. It harks back to an era when women would visit a salon to get their hair washed and set.
So, having a day where you feel down or fat? Visit a blow out bar and enjoy being blown away!
By Melissa Bordinhao in Blowout

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