Party Package


$10 OFF on the Perfect Blowout & Glam Eye Makeup
with a Hair Massage before your night out

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and that’s why we are open late 7 days a week to ensure you look your best for any occasion. We are one of the few hair salons in Las Vegas that can accommodate up to 8 girls at once…all in under an hour. This ensures you get in and get out to enjoy the rest of your night.

Our Party Package is the perfect way to get ready before your next adventure.

(minimum of 4 for group discount.)

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“Everyone deserves to look their best and feel confident in their life, you can’t redo once in a lifetime events like Bachelorette parties, Quinceanera, Weddings, etc” – Cesar Bordinhao, Founder

Save Time and Money

Our Bachelorette Party Package is the perfect way to get ready for your night adventure. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on supplies, equipment, or traveling with your hair care products, consult our hair stylist to plan your large party. The cost savings are secondary to the confidence you will feel when you are out on the town with the perfect hair style and make-up.

We use only the highest quality cosmetics and hair products including Olaplex, MAC Make-Up, and Moroccan Oil. Other hair salons may charge hundreds of dollars for these services and may not be able to accommodate your busy schedule.

iBlowdry specializes in large groups of customers with our main goal is to get you looking your best without wasting your time.

So enjoy a free mimosa at our Decatur location and look fabulous along side your best friends.