17 Apr / How to Revive Dry Hair

Revive Dry Hair

During the summer a lot of people like to travel, and one place people like to travel is Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas during the summertime, however, can play havoc with your hair leaving it very dry and brittle. Below are some tips to keep in mind for reviving hair in hot, dry climates like Las Vegas.

The first thing to consider is getting a haircut. Not only will a shorter hairstyle feel lighter and be easier to manage, it will also remove any split ends that may turn brittle and break off. Of course, in the summertime when traveling to a place like Las Vegas it is natural to want to enjoy the pool facilities. When swimming, it is best to wear a cap to protect hair from the pool’s chlorine. If you’re not the cap wearing type, you could also try spritzing some water on your hair before going in for a dip. This will add an extra layer of protection to your hair from chlorine. When out in the sun, it is also good to protect your hair like you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with SPF. There are some shampoos on the market that include SPF.

When shampooing hair, it is best to remember to shampoo less so hair can absorb its natural oils. Switching to a gentle cleanser such as using conditioner only or diluted shampoo on your hair is also another good trick. It is good to also avoid shampoo with ingredients such as alcohol, which tend to dry out the hair. It is always better to use a hydrating shampoo. Try to avoid shampoos with harsh sulfates, parabens, or sodium chlorine which will only weigh hair down. When shampooing, another suggestion is to rinse with cool to cold water. This will seal the hair cuticle and impart a natural shimmer to the hair.

When it is time to dry your hair, try to air dry whenever possible. Use a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair against dryer heat. Limiting the use of hair chemicals such as relaxers and straighteners is also helpful. Brushing the hair very carefully is another good step to prevent breakage. Don’t brush hair when it is wet, as hair tends to be more vulnerable during this stage. Air dry the hair and use a detangler and wide tooth comb at first to remove any snags. It is also best to begin combing the hair at the bottom of the hair first and working up. Another idea to consider is to wear a protective style like braids or even a hat. The less your hair is exposed to the sun the better.

By Melissa Bordinhao in Hair Care, Tutorials

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