23 Oct / How to Achieve the Perfect Blowout

How do you achieve the perfect blowout? Why is it that your hair never looks as put together as when you receive a professional blowout in a blow dry salon? Is there an art to achieving the perfect blowout, or can you simply blow dry yourself? It is actually possible to do so as long as you follow the appropriate steps:

A good blowout should last several days. Once you are able to effectively blow dry your hair yourself, you should be able to keep the look for several days. Should your hair become greasy, a little baby powder or dry shampoo along the crown will not only soak up the oil, but will also add body to your blowdry.

1. You will need to prepare for your blowout with freshly washed hair. If your hair is dry, apply conditioner in the shower. Blot your hair, but never rub. Do so with a towel to get rid of the excess moisture. If you try to do a blowout with super wet hair it will just take forever!

2. Make sure you apply a hair care product to your freshly washed hair. A good styling product is just the key to the perfect blow out. This will add body to fine hair. However, women with thick and curly hair will need to keep the frizz at bay. The secret to this perfect blow out is to coat every strand of your hair with a quality hair product (e.g. Pureology, L’Oreal, etc.)

If your hair is dry, make sure to apply in a leave-in conditioner, working this into your hair. Follow with a straightening balm or a shine serum. You will need to begin by coating the ends and then working your way up the hair shaft. Finally, comb the product through your hair prior to the blow out. If your hair is flat and lifeless, apply a thickening spray or mousse, but be sure to avoid hair gel.

3. Now it’s time to take out the blow dryer. If your hair is still wet, be sure to use a dryer to remove the excess moisture before you begin the blow dry process. Alternatively, you can let your hair air dry for a few minutes.

4. The next step is to separate your hair into sections. Be sure to divide the hair you have combed into different sections. If your hair is very thick, or heavy, try diving these sections. If you divide one above the other, this will help manage the blowout.

5. Begin the styling process with your fingers — all stylists know this secret! Next pull your fingers through your hair, while being sure to start with the root. Hold your hair out a few inches, holding it while blowing air on down at the crown. Hold your hair super tight while you blow dry, otherwise moisture will remain, causing your hair to frizz.

6. Once the roots of your hair are dry, move to a rounded brush. Pull the brush through your hair as you blow dry, being sure to follow with a blow dryer. Be sure to point the nozzle downward onto your hair.

7. Now, pull your hair, ensuring it to be super tight as you pull the brush through, followed by the hair dryer.

8. Lock in your blow dry style by blasting cool air with the blow dryer. You can also roll each section with a velcro hair roller.

9. Continue this process through all sections of your hair, finishing off the blowout with an appropriate hair serum. Weigh down the frizzy strands with a shine serum or hair serum.

If you were able to follow all of the above steps, you should be on your way to the perfect blowout. Alternatively, visit iBlowdry Salon to learn more.

By Melissa Bordinhao in Tutorials

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