23 Oct / Best Blow Dryer: The Quickest Way to Blow Dry Hair

You can save minutes from your morning beauty routine by blow drying the lowest layers of your hair first. This is a secret well known to any hair stylist as it is quickest to blow dry hair from underneath. By starting from the top, you will apply moisture to your hair as the comb passes to the lower layers. In doing this, you will be wasting precious blow drying time.

The best blow dryer technique is to divide your hair into sections and to dry these individually. As soon as the underside of your hair is dry, you can blowdry the top layers.

Another tip to quickly blow drying your hair would be to take an ionic dryer (e.g. a Bio Ionic PowerLight blow dryer) as this will drastically reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair.

By using a rounded brush with a hollow center, this will allow air to circulate through, cutting down the drying time.

A good blow out should last for at least several days. Here at iBlowdry, we recommend that you soak up healthy oils in between with a dry shampoo or powder.

By Melissa Bordinhao in Hair Care, Tutorials

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