23 Oct / Blow Dry Hair Salon Secrets to Gorgeous DIY Hair Styles

Are you looking for gorgeous do-it-yourself hair styles exclusive to your local hairdressers? In the following series of articles, we will cover everything from how to give yourself a professional blow dry to flat ironing tips and tricks.

All you need for a professional blowdry is 25-35 minutes, a good hair brush and the right hair styling technique. Here at iBlowdry, we show you how to give yourself the perfect blowout in a few simple steps.

Hair Styles: Trimming Your Bangs

Bangs can be very sexy and will spruce up any boring hair style. Blunt-cut bangs or a romantic fringe will make you appear so much younger. However, due to their annoying upkeep, many women are afraid to cut bangs into to their current hairstyle. Many blow dry bars (including iBlowdry Salon) will offer to cut your bangs for free if you are a repeat customer. So, here we will show you how to trim your bangs yourself. All that is required are sharp pointed scissors (with a tip no longer than 6 inches) for this hair style.

1. Begin with blow dry hair. If you cut your bangs while your hair is wet, your fringe will shrink when dry, looking too short. Make sure you apply hair styling gel if you normally blow dry your bangs. If, on the other hand, you wash and wear your hair style, allow your hair to air dry.

2. Using a comb, be sure to precisely part the section you wish to cut into your new hair style with bangs. Be sure to put the rest of your hair into a ponytail or bobby pin into place so that only your bangs remain loose for your new hair style.

3. Now, you will need to part your bangs with a hair styling comb. You will need to take one half of the hair, combing your bangs downward. Now rest the comb on your brow. It is important not to cut your hair any shorter than the point where the comb rests upon your brow.

4. Begin cutting your hair at a point, or snipping the bang hair style at an angle of 45 degrees. Never cut your bangs right across your brow as you will never be able to snip your hair in a perfectly straight line.

5. Alternatively, if you have shaggy bangs, you can skip the hair styling scissors and use a single blade razor. To cut your bangs with a razor, be sure to pull your bangs tight between your fingers, sliding your fingers all the way to the tip of the hair, razor cutting right above your fingers.

6. Be sure to repeat the above, point cutting the other half of your bangs as described above.

7. If you find that your bangs are too dense, you can always layer the bang hair style. To do this, simply take a section of the bangs between your fingers, then pull this straight up above your head. Now, slide your fingers toward the ends, allowing for some hair to fall. You will need to lower your fingers, about an inch, down the section of your bangs and razor cut the excess hair above your fingers.

8. Finally, check that the length of the hair style is even. You can do this by pulling a section of the hair from either side toward the middle of your face. These should be about the same distance from the bridge of your nose.

For more sexy hair styles, be sure to visit iBlowdry Salon for information on professional hair blow drying.

By Melissa Bordinhao in Hair Care, Tutorials

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