12 Sep / What is a Brazilian Blowout

what is a brazilian blowout

You may have heard of Brazilian Blowouts in the recent months and if you have, you’re not the only one. They seem to be all the rage in the hair stylist world. So what is a Brazilian Blow out?
A Brazilian Blowout is a keratin based hair treatment that will leave your hair frizz free with plenty of volume and shine. After the treatment your hair will be easier to deal with giving you the ability blow dry your hair straight and smooth in less than half the time it used to.

Don’t let the word “straight” scare you off ladies! You can still style your hair with waves or curls if you please. And as a bonus, the blowout treatment will actually improve the health of your color treated hair!

Good candidates for a Brazilian Blowout are people with dry, damaged or frizzy hair that would like to add a healthy shine and bounce. It’s also a good option for anyone looking to get away from other hair treatments such as relaxers or Japanese straighteners. Anyone can reap the benefits from getting a Brazilian Blowout treatment done. Some people may say “its going to take the volume out of my hair and leave it flat”. In actuality, your hair will still have its natural volume and you will still have great movement and memory in your hair when using styling tools like curling irons or blow dryers.

So, how long does a Brazilian Blowout last?

Amazingly enough it lasts 8-12 weeks if maintained properly. Best part is, after your treatment, there is NO down time! You can head straight to the gym or take a dip in the pool! And in conclusion, If you want healthy looking hair that will hold color, be frizz free and be more manageable than ever, try getting a Brazilian Blowout. You wont be disappointed.

By Melissa Bordinhao in Hair Care, Tutorials

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